Top 4 Vietnamese Takeaway in Brisbane

With influences from Chinese and French food, Vietnamese is the perfect cuisine no matter what mood you’re in. Sweet, salty, spicy and fresh, the balance of flavours in Vietnamese food are super satisfying and dishes like pho are a perfect winter’s night meal.

Looking to get takeaway Vietnamese tonight? Here’s 4 of the best places in Brisbane.


1. Mamma Do – Spring Hill

With a small but well-thought out menu, Mamma Do is serving the classics to Spring Hill and beyond. Bahn Mi, Rice paper rolls, Pho, Vermicelli salad, and snacks like bao and meatballs, are on the menu, as well as traditional Vietnamese coffee and purple rice and yoghurt drink.

See their menu here.


2. Viet de Lites – South Brisbane

Featuring an extensive menu with everything from turmeric fish to green papaya salad, as well as banquet specials, Viet de Lites is the perfect place to satiate your Vietnamese cravings. They’re a fixture in Little Stanley Street, with the perfect location for takeaway for north and south side locals.

See their menu here.


3. Phat Pho – Teneriffe

This small and charming Vietnamese restaurant on Commercial Road delivers one hell of a flavour punch. Their traditional Vietnamese street food is perfect for those looking for both a quick bite to eat or a big banquet. Standout dishes include the vegan Pho (made with a spicy broth of vegetables and fruits including leaks, corn, pineapple and cabbage) and Roasted Duck salad.

See their menu here.


4. Cafe O’Mai – Annerley

Cafe O-mai (pronounced Oh My) is a little quirky and intimate Vietnamese cafe situated in Annerley, nestled away from the hustle and bustle of Ipswich Rd near Chardon’s Corner. Their menu is full of delicious options, with must-try items like bun bo hue ‘spicy noodle soup’ and their many options of banh mi.

Take a look at their takeaway menu here.