Yoga Mats

Any yoga aficionado will tell you that having the best yoga mat is vital in getting you ready for your next downward dog.

During times of stress, yoga has a way of lowering anxiety, rejuvenating us to feel at peace—and the mat is where all the magic happens.

From preventing slips to keeping energy above the surface of the ground, it supports you physically and mentally while you centre yourself.

At a time when staying indoors is of paramount importance, our homes are becoming our new yoga studios. While you search for the ideal space to practise your vinyasa, take the opportunity to work with what you’ve got. As the supportive qualities of hardwood floors are ideal, softer surfaces such as carpet, can work wonders with the right floor companion.

From thickness and grip to sustainability and aesthetics, there are endless amounts of yoga mats to help you perfect your pose. With those in mind, we’ve narrowed down our favourites for you to reach your zen.

Here are our 10 favourite yoga mats perfect for yoga lovers at any level:

best yoga mats
Best Design

A much-loved mat amongst yoga devotees, this worry-free mat from Gaiam has all you need for a secure and slip-free sweat session.

Yoga Mats
Make friends with your yoga mat. Designed to be reversible, our innovative yoga mats absorb unwanted moisture to help you get a grip during sweaty classes and support your knees and hips with extra cushioning during more chill ones. Whether you practise yoga at the studio, at home or on the go, explore our range of innovative mats designed to go anywhere you want to take your practice. Need any props? Discover our range of straps, blocks and more yoga accessories for added support.

When it comes to perfecting your yogic practice, there’s no better way to kickstart the zen times than by setting the right vibe.

Light your incense and cleanse your space of bad juju, unnecessary distractions and noise pollution, and set the mood with some relaxing background music (because there’s nothing like a choir of chanting monks to really get the party started y’know?).

Most importantly, get yourself a practical (and maybe a bit pretty) yoga mat for you to practice all of your sick yoga tricks. Nail particularly tricky inversions like headstands or test the limits of your internal equilibrium with a grounding tree pose, we say.

Whatever your skill level, there’s a yoga mat for that – here are seven yogi-friendly picks to try.

Not only does this non-slip microfibre and sustainable tree rubber pick look like a very expensive Kilim rug (obsessed), but it’s also a great pick if you’re a bit of a sweaty Betty, thanks to naturally antimicrobial and antifungal properties. These extra perks also make it a perfect pick for some steamy hot yoga seshes or some particularly rigorous floor Pilates workouts.

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Lululemon The Reversible Mat 3mm
Let’s be real, yoga-centric fitness brand Lululemon is basically a yogi’s wet dream. This reversible mat is nice and thin, making it perfect for travel if you’re after a lightweight option (or maybe you just really like to feel the ground beneath your feet). Either way, this non-slip, natural rubber exercise mat will keep you steady in your stance thanks to an extra grippy top layer.

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MANDUKA PROlite Yoga Mat
After an extra supportive yoga mat? This high-density cushioned and closed-cell constructed yoga accessory is a sure thing regardless of the surface you’re working out on, keeping your joints comfy through any particularly strenuous yogic sequences.

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NAKED SOUL Elephant Cork Yoga Mat
Boasting a lovely bit of elephant-inspired artwork as well as a cork and rubber construction, this non-slip mat makes yoga a more visually enjoyable experience. Downward dog while staring into the eyes of one of the world’s most majestic animals? Sign us up.

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