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Stretch for success with our curated yoga clothes for women. At Lorna Jane, we know that wearing the right clothes is essential to having the best workout which is why we offer a huge collection of yoga pants, yoga leggings, yoga bras and more clothes perfect for yoga or Pilates.

When transitioning through movement, fabrication and fit is key to letting you flow effortlessly with ease. Lorna Jane keeps movement in mind, with our yoga and Pilates clothes. Designed to flatter and support, our Lotus yoga leggings are the ultimate legging to take on the mat. Engineered with our exclusive Nothing 2 See Here™ fabrication which offers proprietary light-blocking interlock technology that assures maximum coverage, these yoga pants can breath easily through bridge to bend. Pair back your leggings, with our active tanks, which offer open back, high necklines and relaxed fits ensuring optimal comfort and functionality. Lorna Jane also offers a range of lightweight, breathable yoga shorts, bike shorts, and yoga leggings perfect for Pilates or active sessions.

When Bikram calls your name, our longline yoga sports bra offers 4-way stretch, high support and moisture wicking properties, making this the perfect crop top to see you through your session. When perfecting the pose is the pursuit, our non-slip yoga mat is the go-to accessory. Engineered with a unique texture and high-density construction, our non-slip exercise mats are designed to keep you on the mat without any room to slip or slide. Whatever you’re searching (or stretching for) – we’re confident that our Yoga and Studio selects will keep you flowing easily through your studio sessions. Browse through Lorna Jane’s collection of yoga pants, yoga shorts, yoga bras and more online today.

Yoga Pants
Fitness is a matter of choice, but if you are looking for a form of fitness that calms both mind and body, yoga is for you! Welcome to THE ICONIC! We bring a collection of yoga pants, curated by top experts. Pants, leggings, cropped pants, capris – Name it, and we have it on our list. On this page, you will also find some of the most celebrated brands in fitness and Yoga clothing, including The Upside, Nike, P.E. Nation, adidas Originals, First Base, Gaiam, Nicky Kay and more.

How to shop for yoga pants? In case you are wondering why some yoga pants are so expensive, it really is because of the brand and fabric. You want to feel entirely calm and in control of your postures while doing yoga, and therefore, the pants must be made of the right fabric. Some of the popular options include cotton and cotton-synthetic blends, and some are even made of organic fabrics. Another aspect that matters is sizing. You don’t want yoga pants to be either too tight that you cannot move or too loose that you cannot see your form and posture. Brand sizing details may vary, so please check the product pages to find more and pick a size that works for you.

THE ICONIC is constantly updating its collection of Yoga and Pilates clothing, and we request customers to check this page for new products and listings.

Do You Need New Yoga Pants?
Yoga pants are a must-have yoga wear when you’re practising any yoga style. Whether you’re new to the game, lost some weight, or you just fancy buying some new ones, we’ve got the pants for you. At Divine Goddess, we stock a variety of different styles and lengths, ready to make you yoga ready.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Pants For Women
We have a variety of different yoga pants in Australia to suit every shape and size, but it’s important you find the right ones for your exercises. Here are a few things to look out for before making a final decision.

Length – Length is mostly a personal preference. You want to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. There are so many different lengths to choose from: full length, knee length, and even hot pants. Don’t forget to factor the weather too when you make your choice.
Fit – Depending on your shape and body confidence, you might feel more comfortable in loose pants rather than tighter high rise yoga leggings. If you’re wearing something that doesn’t feel or look right, this might be going around in your mind, stopping you from relaxing. Loose yoga pants look great outside of the sessions too.
Yoga type – There are so many different ways to practice yoga. You need to take into consideration which style you’re going to be taking on before you choose your outfit. If you’re doing hot yoga, you’ll be more likely to need hot yoga pants, whereas if you’re staying with gentle yoga styles, you don’t want any restrictions holding you back from holding your poses and might be more comfortable in a longer pair.
Material – There are three main materials used in yoga pants: cotton, synthetics, and cotton-synthetic blends. Cotton has a softer feel to it; however, it does absorb moisture. The last thing you want in a vigorous yoga workout is to come out with sweaty pants. Synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, and spandex are more breathable and moisture resistant. While they aren’t as soft as cotton pants, they are great for your shape.
Style – Don’t forget, you want them to look great too. Choose something that fits your individual style, whether that’s bright colours, patterns, or simple blacks. Piece your outfit together like you would your everyday clothes and you’ll love them even more.
All Of Our Yoga Pants Online in Australia Are High-Quality With Affordable Pricing
While we make sure that all of the yoga pants in our online store are affordable, we know that sometimes the unexpected happens to your bank. That’s why we offer an afterpay service on all of our products. You can buy your new outfit and accessories now and pay in 4 fortnightly instalments. It all works the same as a normal purchase – it’s shipped as soon as you buy, it’s still returnable or refundable, it’s simply an easier payment method.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look around for the best yoga pants online from our Australia-based family business. Become your own Divine Goddess today.

Feel More Comfortable Doing Yoga In Leggings And Tights
Yoga leggings are an absolute essential, so at Divine Goddess, we have a variety of different yoga leggings to suit everyone’s yoga needs. Whether you want your yoga tights high or low waisted, simple or patterned, long or short, we’ve got the pair for you. So, from one yogi to another, this is the place to buy yoga leggings online in Australia.

How To Care For Your Yoga Leggings
You want your yoga pants to last as long as you do when you’re practicing any kind of yoga, so it’s important that when you buy yoga leggings from Australia, they’re made of high-quality materials which will stand the test of time. Especially when you’re improving your flexibility with new poses. But, it’s not just the materials that keep them going, it’s the care you put into them too. The easiest way to care for your yoga tights is through the way they’re washed. Make sure that you:

Don’t share a load with your towels – While you’re probably using a yoga towel to dry off after an intense workout, don’t put them all in the same wash. The cotton fibres will stick to your leggings and they’re extremely hard to get rid of.
Keep materials separate – Similarly, you should keep synthetics with synthetics and cottons with cottons to keep the same from happening with all of your yoga clothes. But be careful of zips and buttons snagging against your leggings.
Don’t use too much detergent – Using too much can break down and wear out the fabrics so use just enough that will get rid of the dirt and the sweat while keeping it looking and smelling as fresh as the day you bought them.
Don’t use fabric softener – This will destroy the wicking capabilities, meaning that it will hold moisture rather than deterring it.
Use a cold-water cycle – While they’re great in hot yoga, synthetics don’t like hot water. Hot water can cause shrinking, which isn’t great when you want to achieve that perfect pose.
When it Comes to High Waisted Yoga Pants, We Are in a League of Our Own
Divine Goddess was founded almost 20 years ago by a passionate Yogi and the fire continues to burn and grow today. We operate as a community of individuals who are on a journey to find empowerment and make our dreams a reality.

When practising, it is important to have quality equipment and clothing to best perfect your technique and poses. We can provide you with:

Comfortable yoga mats
Supportive activewear
Yoga accessories
Beautiful jewellery
…and much more!

Finding the yoga essentials that best suit you is easy when you have access to a comprehensive collection. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for some time, we have products to suit.

We work closely with ethical manufacturers to ensure that our clothing, accessories and jewellery is made with only ethically sourced materials. Even our packaging for delivery is 100% natural, sustainable and recyclable.

How to shine in your high waisted yoga leggings
At Divine Goddess, we’ve made a high waist for you to support and protect. This is incredibly comfortable, and you will be surprised how utterly soft this fabric feels against the skin. We are loving wearing these all day and we don’t take them off after practice.

We’re seeing more and more people taking to the streets in their sportswear, whether they’ve been working out or not. Leggings are always on-trend and there are so many ways to wear them if you don’t have time for a change.

Keep up with seasonal trends – Yoga leggings can work with any outfit, but if you want to stay on-trend, keep an eye on what’s hot and incorporate it into your outfit. Whether it’s seasonal colours or accessories, your high waisted yoga leggings will help improve your outfit by elongating your legs and tucking in your tummy.
Accessorise – Sometimes, you can come straight from the gym and look trendy as ever with just a simple accessory. This is great if you really don’t have time to stop; whether it’s a pair of mirrored sunglasses or a cute jacket.
Dress for the occasion – Yoga clothes aren’t always going to go perfectly in every environment, especially if you’re in a sports bra and hot pants. But, if you’ve got the right top, you can style out those leggings well for most occasions or slip on a dress for a slightly formal outfit in the cold winter months.
Choose the right colours – When you’re picking out your yoga outfit, make sure to choose complementary colours and patterns. Black or simple leggings are best if you’re wearing them on the streets but save the patterns for class.
Choose your style today and accentuate your features with Divine Goddess’ range of high-rise yoga leggings.

Discover Quality Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants at Divine Goddess!
Are you looking for the best high waisted yoga pants in Australia? Then you have come to the right place. Divine Goddess is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of yoga activewear, bringing you high-quality products at affordable prices.

Not only are our yoga pants stylish and comfortable, but they are also made in an eco-friendly manner with sustainable materials. When wearing Divine Goddess, you look good, feel good and give back to the environment. What better way to feel empowered?

Providing a comprehensive selection of yoga pants, we have been supporting women through their yoga practice for almost 20 years. Our pants are specifically designed by experts in the industry to work with your body as you stretch and pose.

The Best Yoga Shorts in Australia
If you’re on the hunt for the best yoga shorts in Australia, then you’ve certainly come to the right place! At Goddess Yoga, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with yoga products that are of the highest quality, without breaking the bank. All of our products have been tried, tested and loved by yogis.

What’s more, all of our yoga shorts have been made with the environment in mind. They are ethically sourced and sustainably made, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your shorts have not harmed the planet.

Australia is full of online stores that stock yoga accessories, but it’s not always easy to find yoga shorts that have been well designed and manufactured in an environmentally conscious way. But you see, at Divine Goddess, we are anything but ordinary. We are a unique, locally owned Australian business that is family-owned and run. We believe in ethical and sustainable business practices and this means that our yoga shorts don’t just look good—they are highly functional and eco-friendly too.

Why Buy Yoga Shorts?
You probably know that a good pair of yoga pants is essential for a proper session and if you’ve got a whole heap of high-quality yoga pants, then why should you consider getting yoga shorts? Well, other than the sublime comfort that our yoga shorts offer, we highly advise them in hot climates and, of course, for hot yoga.

Shorts are incredibly breathable, whereas pants can become hot and irritating during the yoga flow if you’re in a steamy room. The same goes for warmer climates like Australia! Long pants might just be a bit restricting and uncomfortable during the hotter months. So, having yoga shorts in Australia is a great alternative for the hot summer months!

High Waisted Yoga Pants Have Many Advantages
The number of Australians choosing high waisted yoga pants is greatly increasing and there is good reason for this. Regardless of your body shape, the high waisted design is guaranteed to keep everything tucked in and enhance you in all of the right places.

In a practical sense, they are also much better when practising yoga. A higher waistband is more supportive and ensures your leggings don’t fall down, a common flaw in lower waisted alternatives. Our high waisted yoga pants are made with stretch materials to mould to your body and move with you through every pose for a hassle-free session.

Pants with a higher waist are also a much more versatile piece of clothing. Pair them with a simple crop top or a longer singlet for your yoga practice or choose a looser sweatshirt to chill. Our yoga leggings are great for every occasion.

We Believe We Offer the Best Seamless Yoga Pants in Australia
A great pair of yoga pants can truly be a best friend. You don’t only wear them when putting yourself through your yoga paces on the mat, but you can also wear them whilst out and about doing your daily activities or even having a nap. Some brands of yoga pants can be poorly made; they might have cheaper, man-made materials or have loose threads at the seams. Those seams themselves might even be in awkward places causing uncomfortable rubbing and chafing. A poorly placed seam can even cause sores which can really impact your movement, not to mention being painful!

The answer to all your problems here is of course a pair of seamless yoga pants. Seamless yoga pants do what they say on the tin; they are made without those pesky seams, so you never need to worry about readjusting hems and crotches. At Divine Goddess, we believe that we sell the best seamless yoga pants in Australia.

At Divine Goddess, our sustainable, seamless crotch yoga pants are incredibly supportive which make you look and feel great. They’re also naturally moisture-wicking which makes them comfortable to wear whether you’re mid-workout or in the recovery zone. They’re incredibly lightweight, and very easily washed. No need for sports intensive washes, these seamless leggings are perfectly clean after a wash in cold water and dry best in the open air on your washing line.

Explore Endless Possibilities With Our Ultra High Waisted Yoga Pants
The team here at Divine Goddess is passionate about many things. We are passionate about following our hearts, living truthfully, and making our dreams a reality. We hope our yoga wear will provide you with inspiration in your journey to pursue your personal alignment, as well as your internal power and prosperity.

Our aim is to do this by creating a range of clothing that delivers on both style and comfort. We are dedicated to using natural materials of the highest quality in all of our products where possible. We are a family business, and pride ourselves on providing a reliable and personalised customer service. We hope that our full range of ultra high waisted yoga pants will help you feel comfortable and confident in your yoga journey.

Why Buy Our Ultra High Waisted Yoga Pants?
At Divine Goddess, we recognise that there is no “one style fits all” approach when it comes to sportswear. If you feel more confident and comfortable with less revealing clothing, we’ve got you covered – literally! Our ultra high waisted yoga pants are lovingly designed to sit around your waist, supporting you where you need it and helping you feel empowered.

All of our pants are designed and tested by real-life yogis, so you can feel confident in the knowledge that your new ultra high waisted yoga pants have been brought to life by people who know what they’re talking about. We’ve got a huge range of colours and different styles to choose from. From navy and purple to animal print and a vibrant snake print, you’re sure to find a pair that is perfect for you.

The Best Hot Yoga Shorts for Women
Hot yoga does what it says on the tin. It’s yoga performed in an environment which is more hot and humid than your usual yoga studio. It’s believed that hot yoga has a wide range of benefits including improving balance, decreasing stress, improving flexibility and even improving your glucose tolerance and cholesterol levels.

For hot yoga, you need more (or should we say less) than your standard outfit of leggings or yoga pants and a t-shirt. Hot yoga is all about working up a maximum sweat and getting those pores open, just as if you were under the Indian sun, the birthplace of all yoga. For hot yoga, we recommend a pair or two of our fabulous hot yoga shorts for women, specially designed to be breathable and supportive.

Buying Women’s Hot Yoga Shorts Online
At Divine Goddess, we sell our entire range of yoga clothing & yoga accessories both instore and online. If you’re not able to visit our stores in person, we invite you to browse our full range online and place an order with no minimum purchase. We also offer free postage for orders over $99. We post out all over Australia, and internationally so no matter where you practice your sun salutations, we can get our products direct to your door.

What to Think About When Buying Eco-Friendly Yoga Leggings
When you are doing yoga, it is important that you feel comfortable so that you can do your exercise well. That is why it is important to think about what you want when it comes to buy yoga leggings in Australia. The basis for a great pair of leggings is that they fit well. If they are too big or too small, they can be uncomfortable and even fall down. This can make it more difficult to enjoy your time practising. To help you to pick the right size you can look at the Divine Goddess sizing chart.

You should also think about the length of your leggings. This is more of a personal preference as some people like full-length leggings, and others like ¾ length or shorts. If you overheat easily, you might opt for short leggings, but the best option is whatever you will feel most comfortable in.

Choosing eco friendly yoga leggings that match your style and that you love is also important! If you are excited to put on your leggings and feel good in them, it will make you even more excited to practice yoga. There is no reason why your new leggings shouldn’t reflect your individual style or incorporate your favourite colours. In fact, it is encouraged!

Finding Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Yoga Legging Options
At Divine Goddess, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy practising yoga and wearing their leggings without having to compromise their beliefs in search of quality and comfort. By visiting our store, you will be able to choose from a range of eco-friendly yoga leggings online or in person at one of our concept stores.

When you buy from us online, not only are you purchasing ethically made yoga leggings made from sustainably source materials, but they will be packaged ethically too. Since 2018 we have been 100% plastic-free, choosing instead to use a bag created from the cassava plant, a root-based crop grown in Bali. Although financially it is a more expensive option, using single-use plastics has more of a cost to the world.

Embrace Your Inner Goddess with Our Sustainable Yoga Leggings
With a wide range of eco-friendly yoga leggings to choose from you can be both comfortable and stylish, there’s no need to choose. Whether you prefer full length or short leggings, want a simple design or something more fun, we have something that you will love.

What are you waiting for? Head online now and purchase your new sustainable yoga leggings from Divine Goddess, an Australian owned, family business.

Ever since Gil and I began our journey at the Byron Bay markets in 2002, Divine Goddess has been driven by three main principles: passion, empowerment, and sustainability. We made a commitment to using only the highest quality sustainably sourced materials in our products and yoga clothing. At our core, we are a family-run business with a dedication to providing a service that is both reliable and personalised for all of our much-valued customers. Our sustainable yoga leggings are tried-and-tested, and lovingly crafted with both style and comfort in mind.

High Wasted & Low Rise Eco Yoga Leggings
We have a style and colour to suit everyone here at Divine Goddess. Take some time to browse the following styles;

High waisted leggings

Low rise leggings

Seamless yoga leggings

Ribbed leggings

Looking for a pop of colour to brighten up your yoga wardrobe? We’ve got just what you’re looking for. From emerald green and dusty rose to lilac and our exciting roar collection, take some time to find your favourite styles from our different collections.

Choose Divine Goddess for High-Quality Eco-Friendly Yoga Pants in Australia
Divine Goddess is a family-owned, Australian business created in 2002 by Susi and Gil Plesser. As a business, Divine Goddess is an embodiment of what we believe and want to see more of in the world. We started selling handmade, natural yoga mats, yoga mat bags, and eye pillows at the Byron Bay markets, and even though we have grown and transformed as a business, our focus hasn’t changed. We still provide people with a place to purchase conscious yoga wear in Australia. We hope that we can inspire and lift you, while we continue on our journey and show what is possible in the world!

What Makes Our Eco Yoga Pants Different Than Others
You may wonder what makes yoga pants from Divine Goddess different. It starts with our ethos. We work hard to ensure that we create a daily practise that empowers and supports us, the people around us and the planet. Whether it’s the ethical manufacturers that we work with, the sustainable material that we use to make our yoga pants, or the plastic-free packaging we use in shipping, we do everything that we can to ensure that we are helping to contribute to the good in the world.

Our yoga pants are designed, created, and tested by people who love to practice yoga, making them the best that they can be. Look through our large choice of eco yoga pants online via our easy-to-use website. We are sure that you will find the perfect addition to your work out wardrobe.

How to Choose Great Sustainable Yoga Pant